Shaitani Ilaaka Review: Typical Nineties Fare

Shaitani Ilaak, Bollywood Horror Movie
MovieShaitaani Ilaaka
CastDeepak Parashar, Sri Pradha, Kanwaljit Singh, Neelam Mehra, Surendar Pal, Satish Shah, Ranjeet,
StoryJ K Ahuja
DirectorKiran Ramsay
ProducerReshma Ramsay,
Year of Release1990

Shaitani Ilaaka is a Bollywood horror movie from the Ramsay stable that released in 1990. The movie stars Deepak Parashar, Shripada, Satish Shah, Kanwaljeet, Ranjeet and others. This is one of the few horror movies and Ramsay movies that star Ranjeet. Shaitani Ilaaka has is only slightly different from the staple Ramsay fare of ancient demons and damsels in distress. Here’s the IHC review of the 1990 release, Shaitani Ilaaka.

Shaitani Ilaaka Plot:

A young woman, Anju (Sriprada). has nightmares every full moon night. We find out that her governess, Shalaka (Neelam Mehra) is actually a devil’s devotee and has an ax to grind with Anju’s family. Basically, she is a witch and a worshipper of an ancient demon. Anju’s family had defeated that demon and held him in a temple, trapped under the power of spiritual charm.

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Since then, she has decided to sacrifice virgin women to the demonic entity that she prays to until he is strong enough to break the charm. Her final idea is to sacrifice Anju’s life to the demon, before her wedding. However, Anju’s fiance (Deepak Parashar) and his friends decide to fight against the demon.

A tantric tells them to take Anju to a temple, where the demon will be powerless. However, Lalbai is successful in reviving the devil. The Tantrik now tells Anju and Deepak and they should marry and consummate their marriage, as that’s the only way they can defeat the demon.

Shaitani Ilaaka Review:

Shaitaani Ilaaka starts off with a screenplay that’s distinctly different than the typical Bollywood horror movie trope. For example, for the larger part of the movie, the deaths don’t happen because of the demon.

Director Kiran Ramsay thinks up of creative ways to kill the victims. One of them dies at his own hand – literally. Even the spooky scenes initially are not of a demon chasing the girl, she has nightmares about someone doing some spooky prayers.

It’s the nineties, and the effects in Shaitani Ilaaka are more than passable. There are some grotesque makeup scenes. By the end, Shaitaani Ilaaka turns out to be a typical slasher fare that Bollywood churned out back in the nineties.

Neelam Mehra amps up her performance and her character comes across as someone who’s genuinely angry about what’s happened to her and wants to exact revenge. Mehra has performed in other horror projects like the classic Bollywood horror movie, Purana Mandir.

There’s not much to say about the performances here, apart from the over the top that Neelam Mehra gives. Others, like Sripada, Deepak Parashar and Surendra Pal sleepwalk through the roles  – characters that they have played several times. All three are Bollywood horror movies and tv series alums, so they know what they are doing.

In a Nutshell:

Shaitani Ilaaka has aged well, but Bollywood horror fans will find the story similar to several other Ramsay horror movies. It’s a good watch for someone who’s looking to understand Bollywood horror movies but doesn’t hold anything special for the general horror audience who have weaned on other Bollywood horror movies.

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