Shamshan Ghat: She Spits On The Grave

Shamshan Ghat is a Bollywood Horror Movie starring Sapna as the wronged woman who avenges her death in a unique manner.

Shamshan Ghat, Bollywood Horror Movie

Shamshan Ghat

CastSapna, Vinod Tripathi, Sohail Khan, Shahgayaz Khan, Tina Joshi, Ankush Mohit, Mehandi Merchant, Ali Khan, Anil Nagrath, Devraj, Satyam, Rehman, Kishor, Rahat Khan, Mamta Dubey, Geeta Lalabhai, Raju
DirectorShammi Khan
ProducerShammi Khan

Shamshan Ghaat is a Bollywood horror movie with a number of twists and turns that hit theaters. I am unclear about the release date of this movie, and I will elaborate why.  Bollywood horror movies lost their masthead with the Ramsays leaving film production and concentrating on TV production in the mid-nineties. Between that and Ramgopal Varma releasing Bhoot, the horror movie industry was in a freefall. Fly by night producers would sign up struggling actors and come up with quickie projects. These movies would have one USP, and that could be anything. A man in a gorilla suit, a female actor popular for her sensual and titillating roles, so on and so forth. Many of these movies are lost in time today, with only very bad copies available over at YouTube. Shamshan Ghat, starring Sapna and a host of other actors, is one such  movie. Here’s our review.

Shamshan Ghat:

A young couple are the subject of their friend group’s envy. When one of the friends misbehaves with the woman, the woman admonishes him in the presence of everyone. The group vows to avenge this humiliation and concoct a plan. They first create a misunderstanding between the two, due to which they break up and promise never to meet again. A few years later, the woman reaches out to the group and tries to kill them all. However, the group kills her and buries her body in the forest.

The woman now returns as a spirit and tries to avenge her death. The group takes the help of a tantrik, who gives all of them a talisman. With his powers, the tantrik banishes the woman’s spirit in an ancient cemetery. However, the spirit will not rest until she avenges her death. What will she do now? Will she get her revenge? To find out, you need to watch the Bollywood horror movie Shamshan Ghat.


Shamshan Ghat Review:

Shamshan Ghat has an interesting plot and a screenplay. The story’s different and a rare one that has the spirit take the help of a human being.  But then, the movie suffers because of its low production values. This is a small budget movie, so the only known names here are Sapna and Vinod Tripathi. There are a couple of twists that sets the movie apart from several other Bollywood horror movies that generally take the audience from Point A to Point B. But in Shamshan Ghat, you have a court case, you have a parent dying of a heart attack, a police investigation into the murders, so on and so forth.

Shamshan Ghat has a lot going on for the titillation aspect. Sapna is popular for her sensual roles, scenes and songs, and she doesn’t disappoint. Then, there’s Tina Joshi, a relatively unknown actress, but she’s full bang on the sensual aspect as well. Sapna is one of the many staples of the low budget movie scene that erupted in Bollywood in the late nineties and remains strong. These low budget movies explored all genres, from horror movies to the classic dacoit genre.

The Bollywood horror movie is a classic case of how a movie with a good plot and an interesting story line could have been better if there was a good investor.  In fact, watching the movie, the only thing that holds back this movie is a low budget. Even so, the director puts in some gory scenes and sensual ones, making it worthwhile. With the right budget though, this one could be as campy happy as a Paapi Gudia at least.

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