Shrew’s Nest Is Coming As a Feature Film

Shrew’s Nest is one of the many Shudder exclusives that the critics and audiences received well. In fact, the short film’s gone so well that Paramount has picked up the rights for a feature film on the concept. That means we are getting another interesting Hollywood horror movie.Rachel Chavkin will direct the movie. Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski will adapt the movie for the full feature film treatment. Rachel will make her feature film directing debut with this one.

The horror short is a home invasion/psychological thriller. An agoraphobic sister has brought up her younger sister, keeping her away from the world in general. But when a young male neighbor tumbles down their staircase, he doesn’t seem to be leaving in a hurry.

The trailer has a very Bate’s Motel vibe to it. After all, even that movie was about a person who’s infatuated with one of his family members, even to the extent of trying to keep them alive, long after they have passed.

Watch Shrew’s Nest Trailer here:

Few directors have explored the concept of agoraphobia and fewer horror movie directors have done so. Until now, the best movie about a person who willingly locks themselves up in a room of their own is the Hollywood horror classic Hush, about a hearing-impaired woman who has to defeat a stalker, all on her own. That movie released in 2016.

This is also interesting when it comes to what the new content creators are looking for. In the next few years, we are getting bountiful of remakes of classic horror movies, including an addition to the old franchises and even reboots and reimaginations. In such a situation, a big production house looking at remaking a non-English language movie is something that everyone should stand up and take notice.

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