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Silence of Sleep is the latest thriller horror short film to hit the streaming platforms. This time, this short film is available on Gemplex, a new streaming channel that’s hosts some pretty interesting content. Here’s our review of Silence of Sleep.


Silence of Sleep is about a couple, Adi and Nivedita. Adi is a schizophrenic and takes a toll on his girlfriend. What happens next forms the rest of the short film.


Silence of Sleep is an interesting piece of film making. At one go, it handles, quite efficiently, the concepts of schizophrenia and other mental issues. Director Sudhish Kumar does a good job of bringing a complicated story to the screen. Its difficult to pull off a psychological thriller, but Sudhish does a commendable job.

Though, this isn’t the sort of film that you can watch on the side. This one demands your rapt and complete attention. You need to pay attention to every scene to understand what’s going on. This is unlike a mainstream movie that doesn’t demand your attention and its only aim is to entertain.

Sudhish experiments with the camera angles and they might get nauseous to the mainstream viewer, but that’s all part of the game for the commmon horror movie fan.

Performances by Rishabh Raj Mehrotra and Naina Khan are good and successfully bring their characters to the fore.

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