Spawn Reboot Derailed by Jamie Foxx?

The Spawn Reboot has us all excited. Blumhouse was working on the Spawn Reboot. After a while, there was news that Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner were part of the cast. Both have the necessary knacks in their filmography and Jamie Foxx is an Oscar Award winner. But today, Tod MacFarlane, the creator of Spawn has revealed some bad news in an interview.

He said, without naming names, that an Oscar ward winning person was attached to the project and investors were ready to bankroll the project, as long as he was in the picture. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be because of scheduling conflicts. McFarlane is still upbeat about the project, but this sudden change is going to hurt.

Watch Spawn Trailer here:

The Spawn Reboot is in development hell since 2015, the original movie hit theaters in 1997. It is always difficult to make a movie on a guy who has made a deal with the devil, and the production headaches are just adding to the entire issue. Spawn is one of those truly jinxed projects. Post the movie, there was an animated series as well. Now, there’s news that the sequel to that animation series is in limbo.

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