Stephen Dorff Talks of a Deacon Frost Standalone Movie

Stephen Dorff has portrayed one of the most iconic characters in the horror genre – Deacon Frost. He made his first and only appearance as the antagonist vampire in the original Blade movie. With a Blade reboot on the cards, there’s bound to be some buzz and news about the original. I came across another interesting piece. Apparently, the movie was a success and the audiences received the character so well that there was talk about a standalone movie about Deacon.

What happened to it? Well, according to Stephen, Hollywood did. He says that Kevin Feige was still a youngling and building the Marvel universe all by himself. So, it was difficult to make a ‘dark’ movie about Decon Frost in the Marvel Universe. The actor went on to say that with Joker, and a Joker 2 in the making, all that might be possible now. Audiences grew up to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but Deacon Frost was the original vampire with an unheard of swag in those days.

He had to, Wesley Snipes was the Alpha Male in the movie, and Deacon Frost needed to be effortless, charismatic swag to make the entire movie believable. Stephen delivered in aces.

It’s not surprising. Deacon Frost is a part of the Marvel Universe comics as well. It’s not like they created the character specifically for the movie. He first appeared in the comics in 1973.

The Blade reboot is in the news. Wesley Snipes, who was famously combative throughout the whole movie, has since then talked positively about the movie. There’s also talk that Wesley might at least make a cameo in the upcoming movie. Mahershala Ali is portraying the titular character this time around.

Watch the Blade trailer to see how effective he was:

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