Stranger Things 4 Update: Hopper Is Back

Stranger Things 4 is upon us very soon and we have a very short, but equally intriguing teaser on the internets now. The last season revealed the so eighties trope of the Russians trying to be one up on the Americans. So, there was this chance of the fourth season either being set in Russia or having a bigger Russian role. Well, the teaser shows series favorite Hooper return, bald, and working on as a prisoner-laborer, setting up tracks for a train.

The teaser for Stranger Things 4 gives us a glimpse of the cold, unforgiving environs that’s Russia. Hopper looks leaner, meaner and ready to give knock down a few teeth and smash some sense into some brains. If foreboding is a thing in the Stranger Things universe, I think the train will play a major, major role in the series. Bring on the train wreck scenarios, I say. But before that, have a look at the teaser;

Stranger Things 4 Teaser:

Now, as a person who watches such series for a living, I always knew that Hopper would live and he’d be at the forefront of the action in the next series. So, it makes complete sense that the guy’s in Russia. After Bob, Hopper is the heart of the series, even if Winona Ryder’s Joyce is the soul of the Netflix sci-fi horror web series.

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