Stranger Things Schedules Becomes Victim of Coronavirus

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Stranger Things is my favorite of the current webseries. I should confess that I wasn’t very impressed by the first episode, but by God, the rest of the series! Sci-fi fans all over the world are eagerly looking ahead for the fourth season of the Netflix Original, what with one of the favorite characters first disappearing and then returning in the teaser trailers. While Hopper’s return is good news for fans, there’s some bad news as well.

Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin Henderson, has said in a recent interview that work on Stranger Things is ‘on pause’. The shooting for the series began in March and then ended with the coronavirus pandemic shutting down production of many movie and tv series projects. Matarazzo clarified that initially, the pause was for two weeks and then got extended to three months. Now, there’s talk that shooting for the series can begin only after fall.

With the series not even shot completely, there’s a lot to process here.  Because staggered shooting schedules will also mean staggered post production. So, Stranger Things fans might get the latest dollop of their favorite series only a year or so later. Stranger Things is a CGI heavy series as well, so all of that takes a lot of time. Here’s hoping the guys over at Netflix clear this out at the earliest.

Stranger Things had turned from being the eerie, psychological thriller to get into the eighties, campy action zone and fans were loving it. The cliffhanger ending of the third season was a clear indicator that something better, faster and campier was coming our way.

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