Summer Spiro Needs Saving In Zombie Movie Alone

Summer Spiro wowed us with her performances in Westworld and Swell. The talented actress is now ready to once again come to the big screens with the Zombie horror movie, Alone. The movie also stars Donald Sutherland and Tyler Posey. The trailer’s hit the social media a while ago.

Watch Alone Horror Movie Trailer here:

Posey plays a young man with a limited social life because of a genuine reason, the zombies have invaded. As he begins to spiral down the line to commit suicide, he sees Summer Spiro move in as his neighbor. That’s just the lifeline he needed. Posey now makes it his life’s mission to meet Summer. who literally lives next building to him. Donald Sutherland also makes a rare appearance in the zombie horror movie. Johnny Martin directs a script by Matt Taylor. We don’t have a release date attached to this zombie horror movie as yet but color us interested.

The Summer Spiro starrer zombie horror movie has a typical zombie-survival tinge to it and the movie’s direction lives up to it. The trailer itself has several shots of hordes of zombies running around mindlessly, just what the doctor ordered for an audience that’s weaned on several zombie movies, comic books and tv series since the past few years.

Its been a while that we have seen a zombie horror movie. The only movie that hit screens for a few years is Zombieland: Doubletap, but even that was more in the comedy zone as compared to the zombie survival zone.

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