Sunny Leone Returns In a Woke Ragini MMS Returns Season 2

Sunny Leone is back to the world of streaming with Ragini MMS Returns Season 2. The trailer hit the streaming scene and its chock full of aspects that I’d expect from a hardcore horror movie. There’s horror sequences, beautiful people in danger and oodles and oodles of skin show. The teaser didn’t reveal much but the trailer does. It’s basically a series about a spirit haunting a haveli and doing away with men who don’t take consent – whether it’s making an adult MMS or having sexual intercourse.

Sunny Leone starrer Ragini MMS Returns Season 2 has nudity
Sunny Leone starrer Ragini MMS Returns Season 2 has nudity

The series is high on sexual content. It seems the series is one of the rare ones to have full nudity. Now that there’s no censorship on streaming, maybe everyone will be able to see it. Basically, there’s a spirit who’s looking to kill rapists.  Ragini MMS Returns trailer promises a show that has everything a horror buff would want. Sunny Leone makes her entry into the streaming phase of the web series. There were some rumors about her and the franchise. All of them now stand squashed.  It’s not clear what role she plays in the series, but at least the teaser doesn’t have any dare-bare scenes from her.  Sunny Leone joined the franchise with the second movie and won acclaim for her performance.

As far as the trailer goes, there’s a lot more hotness in this series as compared to the previous one and even the movies. Also, Ragini MMS became the first Bollywood horror movie franchise to add a web series, and now we have two.

Watch the Ragini MMS 2 Returns Trailer here:

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