Tabu Once Acted In A Ramsay Production

Tabu has once again captured the headlines with her look reveal in the Saif Ali Khan starrer Jawani Jaaneman. Critics and mainstream audiences say that Tabu is one of the most underrated actresses. Journalists who don’t do their research will say that Tabu disappeared from the film industry – which isn’t true.

She was very active in the industry since 1985, belting out blockbusters with amazing consistency. For a couple of Jaal: The Trap, Khanjar: The Knife she has a Maqbool. For a handful of Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaya, Maa Tujhe Salaam and Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya, she has a Main Hoon Na. You get the drift.

Shabana Azmi’s niece really hit on the pedal in the first decade of the new millennium, with films like Haider, Drishyam, Fitoor, Andhadhun, so on and so forth.  In the new decade, she has two big projects lined up, Jawani Jaaneman and Bhool Bhulaiya 2.

The nineties were not good for anyone. Tabu has done a respectable job of not having too many over-the-top (not that OTT) movies, but even she couldn’t escape completely unscathed. Journalists who do their research properly will point you one of the most interesting movies in her inventory, the Guddu Dhanoa directed, Hawa. Nobody will connect these two names together. Dhanoa is an out and out action director and Tabu is well, Tabu. But the late 2000s bought them together as well, and that too in a horror movie, Hawa.

The plot’s simple. Tabu plays a single mother who moves in a house, a haunted one, of course. This plot point has given rise to an infamous sexual molestation scene.

Watch Hawa here:

Most Bollywood horror movie fans will know this one. But now, there’s another movie streaming over at Hotstar, that’s cinema gold of the other kind – and it stars Tabu.  That movie is 2001 – Do Hazaar Ek, and stars Tabu, along with Jackie Shroff, Rajat Bedi, Dimple Kapadia. The movie also stars a horde of 90s and 2000s actors, like Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Suresh Oberoi, Mohan Joshi, even Kishore Bhanushali, who made a living off imitating Dev Anand in the early 90s and 2000s.

What makes 2001 interesting is that this is the only link that connects Tabu to the Ramsays. Yes, you read that right. 2001 was a Ramsay production. Kumar Ramsay wrote the screenplay, Gangu Ramsay was the cinematographer and Kiran Ramsay produced this murder mystery, which released in 1998. Why the title? Because the killer in the movie carved these numerals on the dead bodies.

Kumar Ramsay has written the screenplays for some of the most famous Ramsay movies, like Purana Mandir, 3D Saamri, and my favorite, Andhera. His filmography is a literal study of the Bollywood horror movies scene until the late 90s. So is Gangu Ramsay’s.

Basically, the movie is a Bollywood potboiler with a murder mystery put in somewhere, and the screenplay inspires itself from Lethal Weapon, including the bomb in the washroom scenario. Unfortunately, Rajat Bedi is no Mel Gibson, even if Jackie Shroff gives his best shot to be Danny Glover.

2001; Do Hazaar Ek tried to do many things, including create another song that’s a hark to the ‘Tujhe Pyaar Kiya’ from Ram Lakhan. I sometimes think that’s the only reason the Ramsays roped in Dimple Kapadia to play the wife. This movie is now streaming on Hotstar, though you can watch it for free on YouTube as well:

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