Tahkhana: Fascinating Facts

Tahkhana is one of the big 5 Bollywood horror movies coming from the Ramsay stable. The horror movie had a pretty big cast and great production values. With two of the best physiques in town, Puneet Issar and Hemant Birje, fans were ready for some great action sequences and of course, some incredible horror sequences as well.  Tulsi Ramsay and Shyam Ramsay direct this Bollywood horror movie. Here are five remarkable facts about Tahkhana.

Imtiaz Khan is Amjad Khan’s Brother:

Imtiaz Khan plays the baddie in the movie. And he’s not just a cardboard cutout of a baddie, but a real meanie. He’s up to his sexually assaulting, beating up people and stealing ways when he stumbles upon a treasure map. We all know what happens when a Bollywood baddie gets his hands on a treasure map, right? Imtiaz Khan was a horror and sci-fi movie alum for a while.  He also starred in Andhera, as the villain. Andhera was one of those rare sci-fi movies that released in the seventies.

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Kamran Rizvi was murdered in real life:

The movie’s lead star, Kamran Rizvi, is little known because he didn’t do many movies. After Tahkhana he somehow disappeared from the scene. The next news we heard about him was his murder. Apparently, his cousin murdered him over a property dispute. His death makes for a fascinating read. And yes, he’s related to the Shabana Azmi family. He was active for just over a decade and was also part of the cast in the Rajani TV serial, in the episode Video Piracy.

One of the few movies to break a couple:

So, here’s an unsaid rule about Bollywood movie scripts. If the male character has a female character he’s canoodling with, they will survivie – or both will die. But Tahkhana breaks the mold by killing off Hemant Birje’s character’s girlfriend and keeping him around to beat up the demon ghost.

The Ramsays made a Bollywood horror movie for the masses:

The Ramsays were the pioneers of horror movies in India. There’s no doubt about it. To achieve this, they needed to implement horror elements in stories that worked during that era. In Tahkhana, the Ramsays used several storylines that were relevant during that era. Lost sisters, a  treasure hunt, sexual assault and a black magician.

Priti Sapru is a film director now:

Priti Sapru is a member of one of the oldest Bollywood families. She’s the daughter of the veteran actor Sapru, and Tej Sapru’s sister. All three are respectable names in the movie industry. Today, Priti Sapru is a film director and active in the Punjabi movie industry. Check out her IMDb profile. 


It did not star the Ramsay’s go-to zombie-devil, Annirudha Agarwal, or at least he’s not credited with a role in the Bollywood movie. Tahkhana has a zombie-demon, but there’s no reference to him in the credit titles.

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