Teerat Singh Depicted a Demon in Sar Kati Laash using a Mannequin

Sar Kati Laash Bollywood Horror F

Teerat Singh directed Sar Kati Laash, one of the few Z category Bollywood horror movies that exist on YouTube. Fans of typical Bollywood horror movies will know the Z Grade movie industry. Foreign horror fans will know it as exploitation cinema.

Since the eighties, directors, producers and actors of questionable repute have come together to create low-brow projects. The projects cater to several genres, chief among them being the horror genre.

One of the most infamous name from this brand of cinema is Kanti Shah. The list includes Sapna, Harinam Singh and Teerat Singh. This brand of cinema also has several actors, like Amit Pachauri and others. Teerat Singh’s IMDb profile will make a camp cinema fan proud.

But the list is still small, if I compare it to the number of Bollywood horror movies that Kanti Shah came up with, from the eighties to the nineties to the naughties. Many Bollywood horror fans consider Kanti Shah to be the grand master of cheap horror, just like Teerat Singh.

As it generally happens, many Bollywood horror movies are no longer available online. They might be available in CD sales, but I haven’t checked it as yet. However, one of his infamous Bollywood horror films available on YouTube is Sar Kati Laash (The headless corpse).

Sar Kati Laash has its share of 90s trope that worked. The tantrik is in place, the misogynistic dialogues are in place. The hot scenes are in place. Surprisingly, another thing that’s in place is the actual ‘headless corpse’. Teerat Singh hasn’t gone to great lengths to create the sequences. As far as I can see, he’s just cut off the head off a mannequin and used it as the corpse. That’s the only conjecture I can make from these screenshots:

Sar Kati Laash Bollywood Horror FIlm

In an era when top grade CGI and VFX is a requisite fora good Bollywood horror movie, such instances stand out because of the simple roundabouts that they employed to make their projects a reality, if not a success. Teerat Singh has some other Z Grade films to his credit, let’s hope we see more instances like this.

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