The Body Trailer Promises an Interesting Premise

Audiences and critics say that the horror and thriller genre has become stagnant. However, now and again, new and old film-makers come up with a premise and concept that blows everything out of the water. This time around, that film is The Body, starring Rishi Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi, Sobhita Dhulipala, Vedhika. First of all, kudos to Rishi Kapoor for doing so much with the second wind of his career.

Other actors of his caliber and pedigree should look closely at his filmography and understand how to carve a niche in the audience’s mind. After films like Do Dooni Chaar and Aurangzeb, he’s looking at suspense mystery thriller films.  In short, The Body seems to have the potential to reignite interest in suspense mystery thriller films in India.  Now, onto the trailer:

Watch The Body Trailer here:

The trailer shows Emraan Hashmi plays an unfaithful husband, and Sobhita Dhulipala playing his mistress. His wife, played by Vedhika, turns up dead. The twist in the tale is that the body goes missing, and Rishi Kapoor, playing a dogged investigator, is adamant that the dead body has disappeared because someone wants to ensure there’s no post mortem.

This brings us to the concept  – and that’s a juicy mix of quasi-horror and thriller. I never thought I’d see such a wonderful mix of horror and thriller from a Bollywood film, but here it is, and here I am, writing about the film. This film is the most interesting in the list of suspense mystery thriller films releasing for a long while.


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