The Conjuring 3 Pushes Release Date to 2021

The Conjuring 3
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The Conjuring 3 has a pushed release date. It’s now releasing in 2021. June 4th, 2021, to be precise. It is one of the most anticipated Hollywood horror movies. News about the movie has been dribbling along all through last year. With the pandemic around, several movies have had their release dates shuffled around, so this one is no surprise. It’s just a good thing that the makers didn’t decide to release the movie on an OTT platform. Much as I love what the OTT platforms are doing for content in the pandemic, I’d still love to get my first spooks from a legit horror franchise in the theaters, thank you.

Here’s the official confirmation of The Conjuring 3 Release Date:

The Conjuring 3 is the third movie in the hyper-successful franchise that has spun off some franchises.  This time, the Hollywood horror movie will have the younger versions of the Warrens. IHC was the first to tell you about the casting of the younger Lorraines.

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