The Conjuring House Will be Live Streamed For a Week

The Conjuring 3 will hit the theaters soon. And just in time for the promotion of that film, the owners of the actual house where the events of The Conjuring took place will be live streaming the house.

The live streaming will happen for a week. Horror fans will be able to buy tickets for $4.99 per day and for $19.00 for the entire one week. The proceeds of the event will go to Corona Virus charities. The live stream will go on at The Dark Zone, a website that keeps a tab on all the supernatural occurrences in and around the country.

The property, where the events took place in the seventies, has been the property of the Heinzen family since 2019.

The current owners of the house are quite frank about any supernatural activities in the house. They say that they routinely hear sounds and lights going off rooms that don’t have lights in the first place.

They also say that though the house is busy with supernatural activity, they haven’t felt threatened as yet. The streaming will start on May 8th and there will be a brief demo on May 8th. You can sign up for the streaming over at this website.

Here’s what going to happen, according to the website:

The world is on lockdown and so is the family living in the house that inspired “The Conjuring.” Watch as the Heinzen Family shows you how they live amongst the spirits while toughing out this worldwide pandemic. You will get an immersive and interactive look inside the real conjuring house.

When paranormal activity happens, you’ll see it LIVE. From seances to conjurings, there is a full week’s schedule of planned activities, investigations, and tests to perform, plus a full roster of paranormal celebrities who will be joining the livestream – virtually visiting with the family.

Watch the Promo video here:

They’ll hear from Andrea Perron – author, lecturer and survivor of the original Conjuring haunting, Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio and “The Holzer Files,” Susan Slaughter from “Paranormal Caught on Camera,” Brian Cano from “Paranormal Caught on Camera,” Colin Browen from “The Paranormal Files,” Patrick Doyle from “Ghost Mine,” Jay Verburg from “Ghost Mine,” Barry Fitzgerald from “Ghost Hunters International,” Joe Chin from “Ghost Hunters International,” Jimmy Church from “Fade 2 Black,” Bridget Marquardt “The Ghost Magnet,” The Outlander – Heidi Hollis from “Angels to Aliens,” Aiden Sinclair from “Illusions of the Passed,” Jay & Marie Yates of “Haunted Case Files,” Rick McCallum of “The Hollywood Ghost Hunters,” Sophia Temperilli “The Ghost Host,” Sam Baltrusis – Author of “Ghost Writers,” and so many more.

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