Zoey Luna Joins The Cast of The Craft

Zoey Luna has joined the cast of The Craft is the latest movie that’s captured the interest of modern horror movie makers.  Blumhouse. News about the remake of the horror movie made its way to the news portals. Now, there’s news about the cast of the horror movie. According to Screengeek, the new cast includes Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone and Zoey Luna.

Not many in the cast of the new horror movie are a horror/supernatural alums. Cailee Spaeny made her debut with Pacific Rim: Uprising in 2018. Gideon Adlon has the series  Criminal Minds and The Walking Dead to her credit but even she doesn’t have a horror horror profile. Lovie Simone is most popular for her role in the web series Orange Is The New Black. Zoey Luna is the farthest from the supernatural/horror genre in the quartet of The Craft.

Watch The Craft Trailer here:

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the new horror movie.  Zoe Lister-Jones writes and directs the reboot of The Craft. The franchise was in development hell for a while, including facing a direct-to-video sequel. At today’s rate, that would evolve into a Netflix Original or an Amazon Prime Original. When Blumhouse took over the reins, we knew something big was happening.  I am not very sure The Craft will be marketable in India. There’s not a very big The Walking Dead fanbase out here. There’s some buzz for Orange Is The New Black, but its not enough to project Zoey Luna as the star she deserves to be.

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