The Craft Remake Is Relevant, According To Michelle Monaghan

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The Craft is the latest 90s guilty pleasure to get the Blumhouse process. The movie, about high school female students dabbling in witchcraft, became a cult classic. It was only a matter of time until someone opted for a reboot. We at IHC are happy puppies to know that Blumhouse will be making the movie.

Watch The Craft Trailer here:

In a conversation, Michelle Monaghan, one of the actors attached to the movie, has revealed that the movie will be a reimagining and relevant today. That perked up our ears. A lot of horror movies now have an underlying subtext that just gets to the audience.

Right off the bat, this Hollywood horror movie seems ready for a brand new telling. With four women protagonists who take on college kids who knowingly or unknowingly hurt them, The Craft can definitely be relevant today.

The Hollywood horror movie has gone through some hoops when it comes to reboots. In 2016, there was talk about a straight-to-DVD sequel, but that panned out.  The common consensus is that the reboot petered out because of negative fan reaction. Those fans were elated when in 2019, Blumhouse announced that they’d be making a reboot of the movie.

Apart from The Craft, we have other classic Hollywood horror movies like The Invisible Man and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids are making a comeback.

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