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The Grudge is finally out, much to the excitement of horror fans. The Hollywood horror movie is one of the few iconic 90s franchises that have gone down the reboot trail.  Whenever a franchise gets the reboot and re-imagining, it’s always open to a lot of reviews and views. Is this reboot good enough to have you fight the biting cold and sit through for two hours? Read our The Grudge Review to find out:

The Grudge Plot:

Detective  Andrea Muldoon (Andrea Riseborough) has shifted to a new city with her son, after her husband dies of Cancer. Right off the bat, she comes across a mysterious case involving a murder. Her partner, Detective Goodman, knows that something is amiss when the investigation takes them to a house in the vicinity, a house that’s known for being a landmark for murders taking place. For some reason, Muldoon decides to investigate the murder, but what she finds is something that puts her and her son’s life at risk.

Watch The Grudge Trailer:

The Grudge Review:

The Grudge is equal parts gore and jump-scares. This translates into a slow-burn first hour and a mildly enthusiastic last half. By the time the scares and the horror come on, the audience’s exhausted by the long camera angles and maybe a bit turned off by the gore. Director Nicolas Pesce brandishes the R Rating (Adults Rating in India). It’s 2019 2020 and audiences will no longer have the ‘oh wow’ reaction to seeing maggots gnawing at a man’s cheek.

The Grudge is one of the few horror franchises that didn’t take a linear route, and this reimagining doesn’t as well. That works well when the cast of characters is less. In this Hollywood horror movie, the director introduces three (or was it four?) different sets of families to the audiences within a span of 100 minutes.

Mild Spoiler:

The trailer shows off 90 percent of the gore scenes. So, if you are looking out for that kind of horror, you are better half watching the trailer. 

The Good: 

The Grudge has an accelerated second half and that’s when the director really starts unraveling the story.  The good part about the movie is that like other classic horror movies, it doesn’t go too deep into identifying the lore behind the horror. The screenplay hits the ground running. The second half of the movie has the necessary DNA of horror, sudden scares, even if the main character is left torch-walking through rooms more than we’d like.

The Bad:

The Grudge has too many characters that the audiences should care for. The first half is a slow burn, which works only if the second half is a cracker of a screenplay.  The Grudge forgets one major aspect – a detective detects and an investigator investigates. Our main character spends her days reading the investigation report of all the crimes that took place.

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