The Overlook Hotel Is Shining Prequel We Never Got

There's this The Shining prequel that's never been made, The Overlook Hotel. With Doctor Sleep out there, will we finally get it out?

The Overlook Hotel is one of the most iconic places in horror movies history. After all, the incidents we saw in The Shining took place there. More than two decades after the horror movie hit theaters, we had the sequel, Doctor Sleep. Critics and audiences received with the warmth of an old relative returning.

While the verdict on that movie is good, here’s some news that brings horror fans to the ‘what if’ situation.  In 2014, Warner Bros were looking to make The Overlook Hotel, a prequel to The Shining. The inspiration for the horror movie would be the prologue that Stephen King wrote for the novel. 

Watch The Shining Trailer here:

Mark Romanek, director of One Hour Photo spoke to Collider the other day and said that the script was interesting and gave more details about the opening night for The Overlook Hotel.

The movie would take the audiences through the origins of The Overlook Hotel, the story behind the building of the hotel, so on and so forth. The horror movie would be the story of the original owner of the resort, Bob. T. Watson, a robber baron and his family that decides to build the grandest resort in America, The Overlook Hotel. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the streaming platforms comes up with an offer for the script. The director has gone on record, saying that the reason why the movie didn’t make it to production was because of the cost. After all, it was about Injuns and the Americans coming up behind them and all that. 

On the bright side, though, the Stephen King brand has never been more powerful than today. With so many streaming platforms looking for good horror stories and budget not being a real constraint, I can only wonder how long would one of them wait before falling bait. After all, do you think the budget would be more than a Stranger Things 5 or a Jack Reacher 3?


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