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Talk to any journalist and they will tell you that the Ramsays were the most difficult filmmakers to speak to. Even the likes of Mohan Bhakri and Vinod Talwar are not very easy to contact.  Newer journalists might be wondering how to get insights into their lives and times.

I feel that the younger generation has several other aspects to think other than horror movies. Saasha  still makes movies. Diinesh  has settled out of India and is a designer and also a hotel owner. Another of the younger bastion, Amit used to work as a news reporter.

At the launch of the book Don’t Disturb the Dead,  the younger generation was as good as the older one.  Somewhere, they were proud of the legacy that they were supposed to carry, with movies like Veerana under their belt.

The Ramsays Official Instagram Account:


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And in a market where one never says never, Diinesh recently posted on his Facebook about the official Ramsay Productions Instagram account. The account doesn’t have much, apart from the iconic photograph of the seven brothers together.

But just the idea that a family member has announced the account and another family is one of the first followers makes me wonder what this Instagram account will be all about. Even if they aren’t making a movie and just about to post BTS from their past movies, this will be a treasure that no film journalist will want to let go of.

This could also be because there’s about to be a genuine interest in the Ramsays in the next few months or so. Ajay Devgn has already announced a movie that will be based on the life and times of the legendary filmmakers. So, this could be their  way of pitching into the promo for that movie, to this could be good news for all Bollywood horror movie fans – they might really be coming back.

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