The Thing Remake Just Got Interesting

The Thing remake has been hounding headlines since 2018. Both Universal and Blumhouse were quite kicked about bringing about the remake. All that was fine, until 2018 gave out some interesting news. You see, both ‘The Thing’ and ‘That Thing From Another World’ were the adaptation of a John W Campbell novella, ‘Who Goes There’. In 2018, we found out about ‘Frozen Hell’, a novella by Campbell. So now, the remake will be a literal best of four. It will have elements from ‘That Thing From Another World’, ‘The Thing’, ‘Frozen Hell’ and ‘Who Goes There’.

Watch The Thing Trailer:

Horror fans and critics consider the 1982 John Carpenter version one of the finest horror movies ever. There was a remake, back in 2011, which starred Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton. That movie didn’t have any happy audiences. With the new material in place, and with genre-leaders Blumhouse in the creator’s seat, audiences are guaranteed to have a great movie on their hands.

Blumhouse is coming up with a lot of remakes and fresh takes on iconic source material. They already have the remakes of The Invisible Man and Fantasy Island on their hands. Its interesting to see that Blumhouse is nicely balancing old material and new material into their production inventory.

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