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The Undertaker
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The Undertaker might finally have the last hurrah and not return to the ring. For over thirty years, the man became the myth. He endured in an industry that was always about evolving. Even so, there’s no official comment that he has retired.  Because professional wrestlers don’t actually retire, they just show up in a new character whenever they feel like it. He’s said that he’s at peace not returning to the ring post the Boneyard match. The Undertaker was  famous in India  in the late eighties with an entire generation thirsting for foreign action. He was also one of the few WWE superstars who used a horror gimmick, that of being a Undertaker who takes away the souls of his competitors.

He became the part of Bollywood folklore when his character – not Mark Callaway  – became part of the movie Khiladyon ka Khiladi. That was the first time Bollywood gave a nod to something that was growing in the western world, Sports Entertainment.

Watch Undertaker Vs AJ Styles

The Undertaker was an integral part of some of the most intense and action-packed storylines in the WWE until 2010. By that time, age had caught up with him. Fans could see that he was in visible pain when he was in the ring. The end of his career always seemed near, after he lost his match to Brock Lesnar and broke the streak – that of the Undertaker never losing at Wrestlemania in 2014. Since then, the Undertaker has had less than stellar matches, until he returned to form with the AJ Styles boneyard match last year.  That match once again gave Vince’s company some street cred in mainstream media and they loved it like nobody’s business.

Nobody likes their favorite WWE superstar retiring.  In Mark Callaway’s case, I think fans will agree the man requires some well earned rest. After all, the Undertaker has withstood everything that the industry has thrown at him – the chair-shots, the egotistic and toxic environments, the times of roid-rage, and much more.

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