Train to Busan 2 Gets A Trailer

We have a trailer for Train to Busan 2. Train to Busan was a sleeper hit,  western audiences’ introduction to Korean horror. Post that, Parasite took the story far, far ahead, winning four Oscar Awards in the process. Now there’s a sequel to the Korean horror movie, Train to Busan. The name’s Peninsula and the trailer for the Hollywood movie hit YouTube. Train to Busan 2 markedly different from the original. The trailer shows us that the movie’s premise is all over planet Apocalypse, i.e, Earth. The first movie’s entire set up was in a train, and that gave the story writers to create an intense and agoraphobic story.  We shall see how the second movie fares. 

Watch Peninsula Trailer here:

The Train to Busan 2 trailer doesn’t have any actors from the previous movie. So, this makes it a stand-alone adventure and not a continuation of the original.  Also, the trailer hints at the movie having different fight/escape sequences. One of them is a legit barn fight, while another is about zombies attacking a quarantined facility.

Korean and Asian films are popular for their action sequences. The original movie had several action sequences, turning out to be a fan favorite among the audiences.  I am sure that the audiences are looking for another bang fest, whenever this one releases. 

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