Train To Busan 2 Will Release in the US

Audiences are excited about the Train to Busan franchise, the South Korean movie that made worldwide audiences stand up and take notice. The Oscar award winner Parasite has created the inroads for Korean cinema. Asian movie producers look at distributing their movies in the Western market. Some Korean movies have created ripples in the Western markets.

In one fell swoop, Train to Busan characterized the same class conflict that Parasite so beautifully brought to screen. A laser-sharp script and a blazing screenplay gave the actors playing their characters all the leeway needed to create an instant classic.

Watch Train to Busan trailer:

And of course, movie makers love to duplicate their successes. We have a Train to Busan sequel on our hands and we can only hope that it has the same visceral screenplay and concept that audiences saw in the original movie.

The official title of the sequel is Peninsula and the movie has now garnered a worldwide distribution, including USA,  There’s no doubt that Parasite has played a major role in raising the audiences and the distributor’s interest in Korean movies. In fact, Carlos Hanson, the producer, said that wit Parasite’s amazing performance, Korean cinema could be the next big thing.

We do have a logline for the sequel. Here’s it:

Peninsula happens in the same universe as Train to Busan. The timeline is four years after the first movie. This time around, a former soldier, Jung-seok, escapes from the completely destroyed Korean peninsula.  He’s on a mission to meet up with the survivors in the original movie.

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