Train to Busan Remake Is In James Wan’s Capable Hands

James Wan is the name to reckon with. He makes intense horror movies, fantastic superhero movies. Now, there’s news that he’ll be remaking the Korean instant classic horror movie, Train to Busan.

Train to Busan needs to introduction to English audiences. In fact, the sequel to the movie, Peninsula, is due for an American release whenever that happens. Wan collaborates with Gary Dauberman, the man who gave scripts for box office successes like The Nun, Annabelle and IT.

Interestingly, the bidding war for distribution rights had a now-familiar name, Netflix. So, the remake could have well become a Netflix Original. However, New Line will now distribute the Hollywood horror adaptation.

Watch Train to Busan trailer here:

The American version can be very interesting. After all, we are talking about racial overtures and class conflict in America as current issues. I would like to think that the 1 percent concept comes over somewhere along the line in the script.

In the original movie, a zombie army invades a train that’s traveling to Busan. The passengers start dying one by one until a couple of unlikely heroes begin their slide to fame, guts, and glory.

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