Twilight Prequel Movie Is In The Works!

Twlight prequel is in the works and tt’s 2008 all over again. The franchise that divided audiences back in the early 2000s might just be back for another stint at the box office. Rumors say that there’s a Twilight prequel, which will feature a young  Edward Cullen. That’s about right.  In the movies, Cullen was already more than 100 years old.

Watch Twlight Trailer here:

No word on whether Robert Pattinson will return to the role that made him a household name, Also, no word on whether Kristen Stewart will return as Bella for the latest offering in the blockbuster franchise, Twilight.

The franchise already has five movies, with the last movie broken into two. The first Twilight movie released in 2008. The second movie, New Moon, released in 2009. Then followed Eclipse in 2010 and Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part II in 2011 and 2012.

The Twilight prequel movie adds to the list of post-modern movie franchises that are making a comeback. We already have the iconic seventies and eighties franchises coming to the big screen.  At this point, it’s important to note that the Twlight series had a cult following. Down the line, critics and audiences rejected the movies, but all the movies did hit the theaters.

The franchise suffered from the law of diminishing returns, with the first movie getting positive reviews and the following getting mixed to negative reviews. By the time Breaking Dawn -2 released, the critics of the franchise middled out and all was well.

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