Unsolved Mysteries Debuts on Netflix on July 1st

Unsolved Mysteries
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Unsolved Mysteries is coming back to streaming audiences on Netflix.  Currently, the series has twelve episodes and the first six will start streaming on July 1st. Unsolved Mysteries is one of the oldest and memorable shows that was a mix of reality TV and crime show. It had Raymond Burr and Karl Malden talk about mysterious, unsolved mysteries all over the country. The show was one of the first and few to handle almost everything that intrigues the audience, from UFOs to people who went missing all of a sudden.  The show has a legacy already, with 21 Laps producing, the same company that gave us Stranger Things. iHorror broke the news, and also gives information about the episodes and all of it looks very interesting.

Here’s a list of the Episodes on Netflix Original Series Unsolved Mysteries

  1. Mystery on the Rooftop, about the unexplained suicide of newlywed Rey Riveria.
  2. 13 Minutes, about the mysterious disappearance of Patrice Endress, the entire timeline of the disappearance being 13 minutes.
  3. House of Terror, about a family who met their gruesome end in the back porch of the house that they lived in.
  4. Alonzo Brooks, who didn’t return home from a party that she attended in her own town.
  5. Missing Witness, which is about a young woman confessing to help her mother dispose off  a body, and then disappear herself.

The series itself has a long life, with more than 15 seasons running since its inception. It began in 1987, became full time in 1988 and ran till a 11th season. Post its cancellation in 1999, it went to Lifetime until 2001. Spike hosted the show from 2007 to 2010. After almost a 9 year hiatus, Netflix picked up the rights in 2019. Until now, the series is still running a YouTube channel with the same format. Maybe that will change once Netflix starts streaming.

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