Unsolved Mysteries Is Coming To Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries is an iconic IP and has been active since the late eighties. Now, Shawn Levy, one of the producers for Stranger Things is giving it a fresh new look. That 12 part series finds its home over at Netflix. The series has had 14 seasons. The first season went live in 1984 and the last season ran in October 2008.  With twelve years between the last series and the reboot, its time for a good refresh and a whole new look. Famously, the series talked about supernatural events, unsolved crimes and conspiracy theories, one of the first to give that genre a legitimate look.

Watch the 1987 Unsolved Mysteries trailer:

The series was one of the first to use the documentary mode to tackle real-life unsolved mysteries. The series contained dramatized versions of the events. Wherever possible, family members who had experienced the incidents and police officers who had investigated the incident were interviewed.

We know a little bit about the format that the current Unsolved Mysteries will be in. The show creators have confirmed that the show format will be pure documentary and there won’t be a host. Earlier, NBC News held prominent disclaimers that ‘this was not an NBC News Production’.  In essence, they went on to say that the following program was not a news capsule.

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