Vicky Velingkar Review: A Bold Step For Indian Sci-Fi













  • Novel Concept for Marathi Cinema
  • Good Performances
  • Tight Screenplay
  • Interesting Climax


  • Non-genre direction
  • Loopholes

Vicky Velingkar released this Friday and one thing is certain, Marathi cinema has evolved while nobody was looking. It has come a long way from the family dramas headlined by Ashok Saraf, Laxmikant Berde, Sachin and others. We do see some of the Marathi movies over at Amazon Prime and other streaming channels, so we know the change is happening, and a movie like Vicky Velkingkar is just another step towards the complete evolution. Here’s our review of the Marathi sci-fi movie.

Vicky Velingkar Storyline:

Vicky Velingkar (Sonalee Kulkarni) is a cartoonist who also sells antique clocks on the side. She’s just getting to terms with the millennial life, when she learns that one of her best friends, Shrusti has been murdered. She visits Shrusthi’s house as a well-wisher, not knowing that she is all set to be pulled into an adventure that challenges the normal perception of the time-space continuum.  Now, she has to ensure that she survives the adventure and also that her friends and well-wishers survive.

Vicky Velingkar Movie Review


Just the fact that someone had the gall to pick up the concept of the time-space continuum in Marathi cinema deserves accolades. Sci-fi fans will not find anything new in this. They have seen SciFi movies exploring this concept earlier. Movies like Run Lola Run, Groundhog Day, and Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow have explored this concept for a while now. But someone bringing it to Indian cinema and Marathi movies is groundbreaking.  Sonalee Kulkarni is the heart of Vicky Velingkar, and she lives up to this opportunity.

The Vicky Velingkar cast does justice to the concept. Sonalee Kulkarni, who plays the titular character, does an excellent job of a fairly intelligent woman who’s coming to terms with the awkward fantasy world she’s been thrust in. The supporting cast of Spruha Joshi, Sangram Samel, Kettan Singh and Gaurav More (in a bit role) provide able support.

The screenplay is tight and keeps the audience guessing. Films about time loop are an acquired taste and the audience takes a while to get used the repetition. The screenplay’s not that epic to pull the audience right into the story at first whack, but it doesn’t outright bore. The screenplay is taut and specifically comes out on its own in the climax. The way the writer, Swapnil Warke brings the movie to a phenomenal end is commendable. The director, Saurabh Verma, does a good job of bringing Warke’s story to life.

Watch Vicky Velingkar trailer here:


No sci-fi movie has ever papered over all the loopholes, none of them. So, it’d be a bit too much to expect one of the first Marathi sci-fi films to not have flaws and loopholes. There are loopholes, and they will be up for discussion at length within the sci-fi fans communities. But I guess that’s what makes the movie all the more important and successful.

But what will put the audiences off is the look and feel of the movie. The movie looks like it was made for the small screen and somehow found its way on the big screen. That’s a negative point for the film. While the screenplay is good, the direction is again, made-for-tv. This is 2019 and audiences have seen realistic, hyper-realistic violence and gun-shots.  Apart from the one money shot that’s repeated again and again, the director hasn’t really paid attention to the action sequences. In fact, some of the sequences will remind older audiences of the cardboard cutout theater experiences.

The other problem with Vicky Velingkar, is basically an epidemic with Indian filmmakers. Why give a protagonist an interesting job if it has next to nothing to do with the story, and you don’t have time to implement it in the script, even if it does? Velingkar is a cartoonist and sells antique clocks and there are only three references to that.

Final Call:

Vicky Velingkar is an entertainer for the general public and a good view for the sci-fi fans. Go watch it in the theaters!

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