Vin Diesel Hints at More Witch Hunter

The Last Witch Hunter was the last film in which Vin Diesel played the character of the witch hunter, Kaulder.  That might change because none other than Diesel just hinted that there might be more of Witch Hunter for him. The Last Witch Hunter, which is now available on Netflix,  launched in 2015. The fantasy horror film had Diesel play a witch hunter who now has to stop the black plague from attacking New York City.  The film opened to mixed reviews, but what’re mixed reviews for the horror genre? Since its release in 2013, the film has gained some talking points, with aspects like WWE superstar Kurt Angle’s cameo appearance.

Diesel posted this on his Instagram page:

“After the longest filming shoot of my career with Fast 9… A film I am so immensely proud of. Before entering the next character and film project… so much to be excited about… Fast continuation, Xander Cage, Riddick… Groot. Not to mention the possibilities of Witch Hunter and the follow up to Bloodshot. Before all the press that coincides with the release of the various pictures next year. I must take a minute to center. To celebrate the wonderful family I have been blessed with. So grateful for the Holidays. Perfect timing I might add. Hahaha.”

Watch The Last Witch hunter trailer here:

Now, we know Vin Diesel is one of us and was a Dungeon & Dragons roleplayer back in the day. Not all of us get a chance to play the character that we made in the roleplaying games. That’s because none of us have the jacked up physique that Vin has.

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