Vince Vaughn 2.0 Joins Blumhouse Project

One of the few actors who have had a complete U turn in their selection of films is Vince Vaughn. 2ooo audiences remember him for his lighthearted, adventure film roles. All that changed in 2010, when Vince signed up for films like Term Life, Hacksaw Ridge and the more popular Brawl in Cell Block 99. Vince Vaughn has crossed the point of no return with his latest sign up. He’ll be soon seen in a Blumhouse horror film. The movie, reports suggest, is about a serial killer in a small town. It doesn’t have a title, as of yet.

Christopher Landon, the director of the Happy Death Day franchise will direct the film. Other actors in what could be a slasher film are Alan Ruck, Katie Finneran, Celeste O’Connor, Misha Osherovich and Kathryn Newton.

Information about the film’s sketchy, as is the case with the stories of most Hollywood horror movies. All we know now is that in the horror film, a young girl in high school swaps bodies with a deranged serial killer, and has less than 24 hours before the change becomes permanent.

I have read many, many nutter synopses, but this one takes the cake and eats it too. Body swapping was not in vogue for a decade or so but seems Blumhouse wants to make even that little known genre another blockbuster material. What’s to be noted also is that the film mags aren’t calling it a horror film. Instead, its being billed as a thriller.

Body swapping has been the home niche for fantasy, comedy films but has its own place in Hollywood horror movies as well.  In fact, one such comedy film, The Hot Chick (2002), stands out because the plot is eerily similar.

Watch The Hot Chick trailer here:

In that one, a teenage girl’s body is swapped with a criminal’s. The Hot Chick seems to be a PG-13 rated version of this upcoming Blumhouse film. In fact, The Hot Chick went through several cuts to retain the PG rating. It was an R rated film earlier.

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