Watcho Offers Interesting Content for Horror Fiction Fans


Watcho is a relatively new streaming channel that’s available in India. The streaming channel has a lot of content available. As far as I see, its free – so that’s a great price point during the lockdown to explore the content. This makes Watcho very much like MXPlayer, that is also offering free streaming – with ads – to Indian audiences.

Straight off the bat, the first series that will interest horror fiction fans is Dark Destinations Dark Destinations is a web series about Indian Paranormal Investigator Jay Alani visiting the various places that are supposedly haunted in India. Next in line is Love Crisis, about a woman taking revenge from a boyfriend who’s fled the scene.

Then, there’s this series that looks very similar to the kitschy Bollywood of yore, Mortuary. That’s a fiction series about four doctors who sexually assault a young woman in their hospital. and kill her. I guess we all know what happens next, but nothing will stop us from watching what happens next.

There are some movies as well on the App. However, you will not find the mainstream Bollywood horror movies thats quite the rage among streaming channels during the Lockdown period and beyond. Watcho has some interesting content, but it will need to buckle up to be anywhere near the other big streaming platforms in India.

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