Whatever Happened to Anacondas? It Went The TV Way

Anacondas released in 1997. Indian audiences in the nineties were in for a treat in that decade. With globalization, we got Hollywood movies releasing in India within a week  – a far cry from the months and sometimes even years that Hollywood movies hit Indian theaters. The ‘next week’ release thing is a far cry from the current scenario, where Sony releases some of their movies in India before the other countries.

We had a ball. That was also the decade that multiplexes finally made it to India. The entire experience was dizzy. Four movies ran in one building consecutively. The viewing times were no longer 9-12 and 1 to 3 and 3-6 and 6-9. We had weird timings like 10:30 and 11:15 and 12:20 and all that jazz.

This was also the generation that could watch home-brewn mythology and adventure content like Alif Laila, Chandrakanta, Shaktimaan, All of these broadcast on various cable TV channels from 1991 to 1997.  Anacondas was a refreshing little bit of violent change.

Another upswing of this era was the incredible Hollywood movies that we could now watch – legally and the way they were meant to be – in theaters. Several foreign franchises came to India and became insanely famous. Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) was one of them, Saw was another one of them. Even before that, we had Anacondas. The movie released in the USA in  1997. In India, at that time, it was the ninth highest-earning Hollywood movie.

I don’t know whether the movie’s popularity in India made a mark on its box-office or not, but Anacondas became somewhat of a phenomenon in India on release. Even the non-English speaking audiences went to the theaters to watch the movie because of the sheer raw horror it gave audiences – a creature killing human beings.  Yes, even JAWS had become a famous hit in India whenever it released.

Watch Anacondas Trailer:

Anaconda 2 also released in India, in 2004. The movie, titled Anaconda 2: The Hunt for Blood Orchid, didn’t strike a chord with the audience. But news about the enormity of the release – 250 theaters in all, made it to the headlines.

Since the second release, Anacondas is relegated to TV releases. India never really caught up with the aspect of TV movie releases. We had some TV releases in the eighties, but it didn’t go big or stay strong for long. So, the Anaconda TV movies didn’t really make a strong impact in India.

Maybe someday someone will once again make Anacondas for a wide release, and will once again have someone tell us, ‘Aatlo Moto Ajgar Hoto’ (There was this big a snake).

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