X Zone: The Bollywood Horror Movie Lost To Censors

X Zone is a movie that wrapped shooting as early as 2017, but has yet to get a wide release. Looking at this movie, one marvels at Ramsay’s way of working. Apart from Maut Ka Saaya, none of their movies are out there in the ‘popular and shelved’ list.  There’s no doubt that the Censor Board was as active as its today, as it was in the eighties. But The Ramsays succeeded in getting a wide release for their movies – in stark contrast to the movie that I will discuss in this article, X Zone.

In 2017, the news broke that the movie was stopped short at the Censors. At that time, Prasoon Joshi led the Censor Board. The Censor Board’s verdict was simple – sleaze won’t pass. One look at the trailer and the publicity of the movie shows that the movie has a lot of sex addled scenes. In fact, X Zone’s YouTube page has teasers that have a lot of skin and sex show.

Watch X Zone teasers here:

The creators are confident of a release though. As late as January 2018, they posted on their official Facebook page that they will have a big launch for the movie. Sometime before that, they even arranged for a private screening. In a weird coincidence, the screening was canceled because of bad weather. Don’t blame the makers, the monsoons that day were the very description of ‘torrential’.

Since then, the Bollywood horror movie has been in limbo. This would have been an interesting change of pace for Hrishita Bhatt, the lead actor in the movie. She has been part of controversial and infamous movies like Deshdrohi and Jigyaasa, but such an out and out horror movie was a first for her as well.

It’s a bit of confusion why the movie’s not making any inroads for the audiences. Streaming platforms are looking for such content, so the creators will find it easier to launch this movie on any of the streaming platforms. Let’s hope that happens soon – or at least the movie releases mainstream.

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