You Season 2 Sends Joe to Los Angeles

You Season 2 is finally coming into the realms of reality – and we have a trailer out right now. The trailer isn’t very big on details, but it shows that this time,  Will is in LA. The trailer shows him eye-rolling to the fads and aspects that make LA, LA, like a man chomping in a gluten-free cookie and a woman furiously writing her screenplay/book on a laptop while sipping on a beverage in a coffee shop.  YOU season 2 hits Netflix on December 26, a day after Christmas, because Netflix doesn’t want you to get all thrilled and sad on Christmas eve. Netflix is good like that.

Watch the You Season 2 Trailer here:

You Season 2 is based on the novel Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. Caroline is the author of the novel You, which Lifetime adapted into a series, which later on found its way to the Big N. This time though, You Season 2 becomes a Netflix Original.

In the second novel, Joe, the main character of the series, shifts to LA to forget what’s happened to him in the previous season. However, he meets someone whom he just can’t ignore. What happens next is the stuff of novels, if not legends.

Penn Badgley reprises his role as Joe in You Season 2.  Currently, there’s information about two of the episodes that will run on Netflix, titled ‘A Fresh Start’, which Kevin Rodney Sullivan directs. The second episode is ‘Just The Tip’, which Silver Tree directs. Sera Gamble writes the first episode and Michael Foley writes the second episode.

Remember boys and girls, You 2 hits Netflix on December 26

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