Zee Horror Show Is Returning at 11:30 Monday

The classic Ramsay series The Zee Horror Show returns to TV. The series will run at 11:30 PM on the ZEE TV channel.

Zee Horror Show, one of the most iconic Bollywood horror shows is making a comeback. ZEE TV made the official announcement via their social media channels. According to the advertisement, the series will return to ZEE TV and will air at 11:30 PM, the sweet spot for horror programming. 

This is in line with the comeback of several such retro series. Doordarshan has already brought back several of their mythological and fantasy/superhero series. Along with Ramayana and Mahabharata, the Government-run channel has also brought back Shaktimaan, India’s favorite superhero. 

The Zee Horror Show was the show that introduced the Ramsay Brothers to a whole new generation of TV viewers. The series ran from 1993 to 2001. Though the Ramsays were still active as filmmakers in the nineties, they did slow down post-1990. Their biggest horror movie in the 90s was Bandh Darwaza, which released in 1990. Post that, they concentrated on TV and even made some action movies. 

This is good news for those who do not have access to the streaming platforms. ZEE5 is already hosting some nineteen episodes of the series.  The ZEE Horror Show joins ranks with the other iconic horror shows, like Honee Anhonee on DD and Aahat on Sony. SonyLIV is also hosting Aahat on their streaming platform, SonyLIV. 


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